Meeting Schedule for 2017

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16th Jan

Steve Allen – Human Behaviour and Crowd Management considerations in an Emergency

Our human behavior can change dramatically when we are taken out of our comfort zone or familiar surroundings. We do things we would have never even thought of doing with a clear head. This is the kind of behavior we need to consider, assess and be prepared for, when an emergency situation arises at an event. The problem here is that we are not dealing with a handful of people but potentially with thousands of human beings, who will follow the “group”, whose actions are highly contagious with others.

Steve Allen has accrued 25 years’ experience of planning for, managing and working directly with crowds nationally and internationally. A snapshot of experience includes Royal Events, Stadium World Tours, Music Festivals, Motorsports, Concerts, Corporate events and major sporting events.

Steve is recognised as the pioneer of the internationally recognised show stop procedure and has been engaged by some of the biggest touring artiste’s in the last 25 years, globally recognised brands and other worldwide organisations to provide a safe environment and event safety solutions for their audiences that protect people and reputations of key stakeholders.

Steve is an acknowledged contributor to the recent edition of the Purple Guide and has recently reviewed HSG154 Managing Crowds Safely.

 6th Feb  

John Green from Laing O’Rourke – Evolution or Revolution

Many organisations now see the limitations of the existing safety paradigm where control and constraint are the main approaches. These organisations are now creating safety based upon three principles:

Traditionally people are seen as a risk to control in organisations. They are controlled by limiting their choices and behaviors or by placing constraints between them and the actual work. What would happen if we saw people as part of the solution? What are the behaviors and language associated which either option? Do you see some of these in yourself? 

Safety performance gets confused with Accident rates. What if we measured some else? What would it be? How would we know if it was working? What would the target be or would there be one?

Paperwork has grown and the bureaucracy around safety is now a significant problem. What do we ask the projects to do or what do we do that adds little value? What’s the dumbest thing that we get people to do?

13th March

Karen Hoskins, the LOcHER Project – Educating Young Workers about Risk in the Workplace

The kids of today haven’t got the sense they were born with…. I never came to any harm by eating worms and climbing trees … common phrases that come to mind when we think of the next generation.
So what if you knew about a project that is all about teaching young people about risk in a controlled way?

There are over 4 million workers in the UK aged between 16 and 24 years old. Over half a million of these are only 16-17 years old, have little previous experience of work and yet can be taken from school and placed in most jobs facing most hazards.

This is not just about apprentice programs or education. Its about all of us educating ourselves on how we could approach things differently.

If you think this doesn’t apply to you stop and take 5 seconds to look around your work place. If your still not sure have a look at the article below , it certainly changed my mind!

The LOcHER Project Team of industry leaders have worked with Schools and Colleges to engage students directly with the creation of a different style of communication tools which will impact upon other students because of their innovative approach, before the students get into the workplace. The LOcHER Project aims to embed an understanding of health risks and how to control them into the students’ memory so that safe working becomes second nature, ready for when they enter the world of work.

3rd April

AGM & Legal Update – Kizzy Augustin

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22nd May

Fire Safety during Construction – Joint Code of Practice & HSG requirements.

Guest Speaker Noel Chambers from Zeta Services .

Construction: Fire Safety

Every year many construction site workers are killed or injured as a result of their work; others suffer ill health, such as dermatitis, occupational deafness or asbestosis.

However, the hazards are not restricted to those working on sites. Children and other members of the public are also killed or injured because construction activities have not been adequately controlled.

Property adjacent to construction sites can also be damaged and occupants put at risk, for example, if there is a site fire and it is large enough to spread off-site.

Zeta Fire Services presentation to the LH&SG by Fire Engineer Noel Chambers will cover Fire Strategy planning for a construction site.

  • Understanding of the principles, requirements and best practice contained within the industry recognised Code of Practice for fire safety:
  •  Joint Code of Practice Fire Safety during Construction Work (9th edition)
  • HS(G) 168 Fire Safety in Construction (2nd edition 2010)
  • To understand your responsibilities regarding fire safety on construction sites,
  • To ensure that supervisory staff and management team can plan, manage and monitor essential fire safety arrangements for all construction projects,
  • Awareness of the potential fire hazards and risks during construction site operations,
  • Hear case study examples of both fire prevention failings and best practice, and
  • Understand the importance of liaison with responding Fire Services.

12th June

Gordon Hicks Lecture

Vishy Mahadevan – Occupational Cancers

What percentage of your working week is spent on Health V Safety? 10% ?  20%  if you’re lucky?

Have you fallen into the trap of having a silent H in Health?With over 8000 work related deaths linked to cancer a year is not only the silent killer it is also in many work places the forgotten one.

This June we are extremely fortunate to have Vishy Mahadevan as our guest speaker. Vishy will be leading an informative and interactive discussion on work place cancers, helping to improve your knowledge of known carcinogens and what controls you should have in place to reduce the risk to your work place .Within 50% of the population born post 1960 predicted to have a form of cancer in their lifetime can you afford not to find the time?

Vishy Mahadevan MBBS PhD FRCS is The Barbers’ Company Professor of Anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. In this capacity he heads the Surgical Anatomy teaching programme in the College’s unique Anatomy facility, the Wolfson Surgical Skills Centre.

Vishy also possesses an honorary professorial affiliation to the Academic Department of Surgery at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

A general surgeon and research scientist by background, Vishy’s principal role at the Royal College of Surgeons is the provision of instruction in postgraduate surgical anatomy and surgical technique across the range of surgical specialties.

Besides his many research publications, Vishy has written extensively on various aspects of surgical anatomy, and is one of the Editors of the current edition of Gray’s Anatomy, and is co-author (with Professor Harold Ellis) of the popular textbook Clinical Anatomy. Additionally, he sits on the editorial board of three surgical journals. Vishy is a longstanding member of the Court of Examiners of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and is the recipient of several professional awards and honours.

Monday 11th September 2017

Workforce of all Ages – Tracey Ayton Harding 

With increased life expectancy, no default retirement age, rising state pension age, plus poor pension provision; today and into the future, a higher proportion workers will continue to remain in work as they age.

At the same time, apprenticeship schemes as an alternative to schooling, may see more young people also entering the workplace.

All of these factors bring in the real possibility of a 50+ year working life.

Employers have the same responsibilities for the health and safety of employees, whether younger, older, or in-between and  will need to consider the current and longer term implications.

As the working population ages, it is likely that there will be more workers with disabilities or long term health problems (and not all related to work) so measures such as rehabilitation and return to work will also be of increased importance.

Lets not forget those entering the workforce having used display screen equipment for their whole lives may come with their own unique issues that may not have been encountered in this way before!

Good workplace design and well managed health and safety benefit all of those in the workplace, young, old, and the in-between.  And of course, with today’s young workers becoming tomorrow’s older workers, it really is the case that we need healthy workplaces for all ages.

Monday 16th October 2017

Counter Terrorism

 A Prevent Officer from the Metropolitan Police will be giving a briefing on the latest security and counter terrorism advice.

Intelligence indicates that a terrorist attack in our country is ‘highly likely’. Experience tells us that the threat comes not just from foreign nationals but also from terrorists born and bred in Britain. It is therefore vital that our counter-terrorism strategy contains a plan to prevent radicalisation and stop would-be terrorists from committing mass murder

The session will be interactive and informative and will enable you to be better equipped to detect and deter terrorism. 

We fully expect this to be a popular event so book early to avoid disappointment.

Monday 13th November 2017

Claim Liability

Niazi Fetto, 2 Temple Gardens

Niazi specialises in personal injury, employment, and professional negligence.

He is a member of the Attorney General’s civil ‘A’ panel and is currently instructed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the multi-million pound Kenyan Emergency Group Litigation, brought by over 40,000 former “Mau Mau” and related claimants in respect of their experiences in colonial Kenya during the 1950s.

Other significant cases include, in personal injury, Drysdale v Hedges [2012] 3 EGLR 105 (ambit of landlord’s liability for personal injury) and, in employment, Naeem v SoS for Justice [2014] ICR 472 (indirect discrimination – race and religion – pool for comparison).

His expertise lends itself particularly well to claims for stress-related or other injuries in an occupational or institutional context.

For anyone that completes accident investigation or deals with employee or public claims this is an event that you’ll be glad you attended .

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Life behind the Spotlight – Jake Edmonds , Media Safety Ltd

Jake has been at the forefront of film safety since the mid-1980’s and his knowledge and expertise has become much sought after by major film studios and minor productions alike. He is well known in the industry and studios such as Warner Bros. have employed his services since 1997 to the present day, overseeing many major blockbusters including all 8 Harry Potter Films.  

Prepare to be awed and inspired as we are fortunate to welcome back one of our most popular past speakers  – pre-booking essential