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Monday 10th November

The speaker is Neil Shah – Consultant in NLP, hypnotherapy and specialist in behavioural change, stress management and well-being expert from The Stress Management Society. 

The Society is recognized as one of the UK’s leading authorities on stress management issues. It is included in the NHS’s Mental Health Promotion sub-committee. It works with a broad range of companies and agencies too – from advising British Airways on how to reduce passenger stress (www.ba.com/wellbeing) to working with executives from organizations as diverse as Shell, the Home Office and The Football Association.

The Society is widely quoted as an authority on stress management issues, having appeared in media from Top Sante, Men’s Health, Glamour magazine, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and Bride magazine to Channel Five news. They frequently appear on BBC and commercial radio being interviewed about stress management.

To coincide with European Health and Safety Week (Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress) Outtakes are releasing our new film ‘Work Under Pressure‘ free to view on YouTube. The film centres on the personal story of Neil Moon who was so severely bullied by co-workers that he attempted suicide and suffered a breakdown that kept him out of work for 5 years. Neil wants to share his experience as widely as possible to highlight the issues around stress and other mental health issues. Also in the film are experts from Restore and Root & Branch, mental health charities in Oxfordshire who helped Neil in his recovery.

Please watch the film and share it as widely as possible. Mental Health is a serious issue for businesses and people alike and it needs to be tackled. As one of our interviewees says if one in 6 employees had an accident at work in any one year there would be an outcry but because its mental health nothing’s being done…

If you would like to order a copy on DVD for £25.00 +VAT please call us on 0208 293 9888 or email info@outtakes.co.uk 

View Neil Moon’s Personal Story

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