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Contractor Management

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16 March

Contractor Management

As a contractor we find that there is always disparity in the on-boarding process and the actual Health & Safety evaluation questions that we face which can range from being very sparse to being extremely in depth.  

These issues are then repeated once we actually arrive at site with differing requirements for induction, paper work such as Permits to Work, Risk Assessments, Method Statements e.g. some clients do not even ask for these before commencement of the job and take no interest in the project itself. This can even extend to CDM type of work as well.  

I suppose it’s all about educating clients to be intelligent clients as  far as Health & Safety is concerned and to comply with the standard set by legislation and guidance!  

This then generates a negative safety culture effect on our staff and engineers as they then tend to consider that clients who pay little attention to Health & Safety is the norm and that the ones that insist on all of the bells and whistles are being awkward or picky. 

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